South Maui Beach Wedding Location Ideas

There are many beautiful beach locations in South Maui so it’s one of those things where you really can’t go wrong.  Some couples want a place with both an ocean view but also some greenery for the background.  Everyone wants a spot that is secluded as possible or less likely to have frisbees flying overhead during their ceremony.  Since all beaches in Hawaii are public there aren’t any truly private beaches but some tend to be less crowded than others.

Here are some of my favorite places for an ocean side wedding ceremony in South Maui (Kihei, Wailea,Makena).  They are good for elopements and small weddings (less than 20* in the group).  Larger weddings are probably better with a venue or estate that is located on a beach or overlooking the ocean.  A list of venues for larger weddings is below.  You’ll need a permit for weddings on public property (all beaches and most parks).  Wedding planners will take care of that for you or if you don’t have a wedding planner I can take care of permits and the required insurance.  I also have a few off-the-beaten-path places not listed here that I gladly share with my couples. 😉

Kamaole III overlook, Kihei

Located along the walking trail just south of the grassy area of Kamaole III Beach Park (aka Kam III) there are 3 overlook spots that are lovely for weddings at any time of day.  These areas have a lovely view of the ocean and tend to be low on foot traffic.  Several of the overlooks have benches and all have unobstructed views of the ocean and sunset.  Not much chance of a Frisbee flying over or even swimmers in the background. Parking, beach showers, bathrooms are available but the location is best for people who are comfortable with a 5-7 min walk on a dirt trail.

Palauea Beach (White Rock), Wailea

I love this location!  The only downside is that there is no parking lot so you have to pull off the road to park and walk a short path to get to the beach.   There are no showers or bathrooms here, but there is lovely greenery that makes a nice backdrop for photos and an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Links to more info on Palauea Beach
Trip Advisor
Maui Guidebook

Maluaka Beach

Maluaka is a long sandy beach with public parking at the north and south ends.  There are bathrooms at either end and a small grassy park at the southern end.   If walking is an issue for you or your guests there is a drop off turn around on the north end of the beach.  There are stunning views like the rest of the South Maui beaches and each end of the beach has interesting scenery (trees, lava rock, driftwood etc.).  The place nicknamed Turtle Town is a few hundred yards off shore. Here are some photos of a few weddings I’ve done at Maluaka.  Here is a photo search of images for Maluaka.

Private Wedding Venues

Permits from the state for beach weddings max out at 30 people so if you have a large group, or want something private, consider a private venue that’s near or overlooking the ocean.  Here are some of my favorites in South Maui:

 Kukahiko Estate

South Maui Gardens

Gannon’s Wailea

Or have your wedding ON the ocean and book a sailboat wedding & reception.  I like Trilogy for weddings, but many others will host your wedding aboard one of their ships.

Sail Trilogy Weddings

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