Maui Wedding Photographer: Rodrigo Moraes

I’m excited to kick off my series of interviews with some of my favorite Maui Wedding Vendors by introducing you to photographer Rodrigo Moraes.  I met Rodrigo at a wedding event last year and was immediately impressed by his aloha vibe.  Later when I checked out his portfolio I was inspired by his creative style and ability to catch beautiful moments.  In another life I was a professional photographer so I know what it’s like to try and get just the right moments and capture a perfect shot.  It’s both an art and a science and I admire Rodrigo’s skill as well as creativity.

Meet Rodrigo Moraes, Maui Wedding Photographer (and more!)

I think marriage is incredible!

I was born and raised in Santos – Brazil, but thankfully my desire to explore brought me all the way to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

I’m a father, a photographer, a partner, a vegan, a waverider, a world traveler, a wanderer, a craft beer lover. I enjoy listening to good music, riding my bicycle, hanging out with my friends and family, and taking our dogs on walks at our favorite beach in Lahaina.

Insta: @rodrigomoraesphotography
The Knot
Wedding Wire


Q&A with Rodrigo

Beach or Mountains?    Beach for sure

Beatles or Stones?  Beatles, my dad brainwashed me.

Emojis or no emojis?  Emojis, because why not?!

If you could sit and have a long conversation with a famous person (living or dead) who would it be? And what would you be drinking?  Have a beer with Anthony Bourdain. I think he’s such a badass.

How long have you been shooting weddings?   Started shooting casually in 2009, but full time since 2015

What is your approach to capture great wedding photos?    I like to do things a little different. Keeping it simple and relaxed, seeking real emotional moments in the wedding day.  I look to create intimate, honest images to my couples and strive to document their love well.

Do you have a favorite wedding location on Maui?   I love shooting at Olowalu Plantation, just so many options within the same location and its so photogenic.  But there’s another venue I haven’t shot yet but would love to work at, which is the Haiku Mill. Such a vintage feel, just stunning.

What is your price range? (In general or if you have packages or a range of fees for your services… )  I usually don’t share my prices online but feel free to contact me and we can talk! Weddings are just so unique and never the same. Hard to set the same price for all of them.

If you were going to do something else besides being an awesome photographer, what would it be?  A barber I think, I love how creative they are with each haircut.

I asked Rodrigo to share some of his favorite wedding photos and tell us a little more about them.

Mahalo Rodrigo! Links to more photos and how to book Rodrigo for your wedding below.

Insta: @rodrigomoraesphotography
The Knot
Wedding Wire

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