Blessing Ceremonies

Besides weddings and funerals many people don’t participate in sacred rituals or ceremonies. For some, they have left sacred ceremony in the past because they no longer adhere to the religion or culture of their childhood, others really never had traditions or rituals.  And yet they are so important!

Rituals and ceremonies return us to what is truly meaningful. They are as important to us today as they have been in the past. Participating in ceremony puts us in place of reverence outside of daily routines.  It’s an opportunity to honor important events in our lives. 

Whether you come from a religious orientation, are agnostic, spiritual or even atheist, a ceremony to honor something significant will be deeply meaningful. 

My ceremonies are customized to each person or family and can include rituals, chants, prayers from various sources as well as elements of Hawaiian Culture which I have been taught by my generous kumus (teachers) as well as those from my training in spiritual, religious and humanistic studies. 

Call or email me if you are interested in a ceremony for you or your family. (510) 813-4114

For ashes ceremonies, funerals and memorials click here.

Baby Blessings

Zoey’s blessing

A baby blessing can be an alternative to a traditional baptism or a way to honor and welcome a new member of the family. They have also become more popular among couples of different faiths and those who may not have ties to a church. Baby blessing ceremonies reflect the families wishes for a sacred ceremony that reflects their beliefs and wishes for their child.

Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Blessings for crossing thresholds of significant birthdays, education, training or other achievements are worthy of sacred ceremony shared by friends and family.


In Mexican and Latin American culture, a girl turning 15 yrs old has a rite of passage ceremony called a Quinceañera. It’s most often a part of a Catholic mass but I can perform a ceremony that honors this tradition in a respectful and sacred way.

“Julienne is so thoughtful and very kind person , she made this Blessing Ceremony something unforgettable and meaningful, Julienne is the best forever grateful.” ~Sandra A.

Conscious Separation Ceremonies

When, despite best plans and efforts, a couple decides to part ways, a compassionate and conscious ceremony of separation can be cathartic and healing. If children are involved, this can be a way to reaffirm the family in it’s new form and re-commit to parenting in an open, honest and loving way. It’s a brave and vulnerable thing to do but it can help provide closure and a clearer path for the road ahead.

Call or email me if you are interested in a ceremony for you or your family. (510) 813-4114

May joy and peace surround you,

contentment latch your door,

and happiness be with you now

and bless you evermore!

Irish Blessing

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