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Frequently asked questions about getting married on Maui

FAQs about my ceremonies ⬇️

What’s the best beach for a more private ceremony? 

All beaches are public but here is my guide to my favorites

How do I get married in Hawaii? 

It’s a simple three-step process. Apply for the license, procure the license from an agent, and get married by a licensed marriage performer like me. All the details are here.

Is a marriage in Hawaii valid for other states? 

Yes! Hawaii is a part of the United States and marriages here are legal in all other states and territories. 

Is a marriage in Hawaii valid in other countries?

Yes, as far as I know, but you will need to check with authorities in your country to find out if you need to register your marriage there. I have married couples from all over the world. 

Can I change my name when getting married in Hawaii? 

Yes! More information can be found here:

How do I change my name after I get married?

If you chose to change your name as a part of getting married in Hawaii your certified marriage certificate will be needed as proof of the name change. There is a handy service that can help with the process of changing your name:

Is rain on your wedding day in Hawaii really good luck? 

Yes! It is a real thing. It is also in many other cultures. Rain is seen as a sign of growth, abundance, and fertility. 

What do we do if it’s raining on our wedding day in Hawaii?  🌧

We are a chain of tropical islands in the Pacific so rain is a part of life and it’s not always predictable. Rain is often a passing squall that can be waited out. This is another reason I only book 2 weddings a day, I like to be flexible to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. 

In the case of rain that doesn’t look like it will stop soon, I discuss options with my couple and any other vendors involved. If there is a wedding planner on site, they take the lead. Sometimes it’s possible to drive to a location that’s not raining.  

Some couples just say the heck with it and get married in the rain. I’m totally down with that too!  Like they say – no rain – no rainbows! 🌈

Frequently Asked Questions About My Ceremonies

About how long do your weddings/vow renewals last? 

On average they are about 10-15 minutes. More rituals, music, personal vows, etc. will lengthen a ceremony. I have a 5-minute ceremony for those who want something super short and sweet. 

Do you perform religious or non-religious ceremonies?


What kind of wedding ceremonies do you perform? 

I have done all sorts of wedding ceremonies that honor the traditions of my couples including Christian, secular, Buddhist, Jewish, humanist, Catholic, Pagan, Wiccan, agnostic, atheist, earth-based, traditional, and of course, Hawaiian inspired. I’m also familiar with wedding traditions of many cultures such as Filipino, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Creole, and more.  If I’m not familiar with something, I’m happy to learn more and include it in a respectful way.

Do you officiate same-sex wedding ceremonies? 

Does the pope wear a funny hat? Heck yes, I do! 🌈 I’ve been an activist for marriage equality and pray that we maintain equally wed status forever. Hawaii was the second state to legalize same-sex marriage. 

How long have you been a wedding officiant?

Over 25 years! College friends asked me to perform their wedding and then over time I kept getting asked to do more weddings. In 2008 I was living in the Bay Area and same sex marriage was in peril of being made illegal so I did a crazy amount of weddings as many folks were rushing to the altar. After a four year effort of activism the right to marry was re-instated in California.

Can you recommend a photographer?

Yes, I’m happy to share my list of favorite vendors that include photo, make up, flowers etc.

Can you involve family in ceremonies or have rituals to involve children?

Yes! I’m happy to do this and will work with you to create something special to involve children and celebrate the family.

Do you have any videos of your ceremonies? 

I do! Many of the videos that I get are for the produced versions which are a montage of the day but you should get a pretty good idea of my vibe by watching some of them here. I have a few full ceremonies that are not available to the public but I can share with you directly upon request. 

Do you have a back-up plan in case you have an emergency and can’t make our ceremony?

On the astronomically low chance that I have an emergency, I will reach out to my large network of wonderful colleagues to step in for me and they will get a copy of your customized ceremony. I take your wedding very seriously.

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