Maui Beach Wedding Locations

I’m asked about the best Maui Beach wedding locations only all of the time 😄. I created this post to help couples decide what’s best for them using photos from some of my past weddings.

☀️ Are all of our beaches on Maui beautiful? Yes.

Each location has it’s own beauty. Hire a great photographer who will make the most of it. I recommend that you hire a local photographer who lives on Maui full time. Better yet, hire someone raised here or who has been here a while. Local roots mean you get someone who knows the island, respects the land and the people. Supporting the local economy is also maika’i (good).

I have a list of my favorite photographers, so contact me, and I’ll share.

☀️ Where can I find a peaceful, uncrowded beach for my Maui wedding ceremony?

It’s not so much where, it’s a when! Have a sunrise or early morning ceremony.

An early morning wedding (6am-9am) will likely mean the beaches will be uncrowded and quiet. The colors are lovely in the morning, and it’s less likely to be windy. We have tradewinds that pick up around 10am and start calming around 4pm.

The two main areas of the island for beach weddings are SOUTH and WEST Maui.

South Maui Wedding Locations – Kihei, Wailea, Makena

Here are some photos from weddings in South Maui with the location and general time of day in the captions. AM means before noon and PM means after 4pm. A post about South Maui beach locations from a while back is here.

Choice Beaches for weddings in South Maui: White Rock (Palauea), Makena Cove (AM’s uncrowded), Po’olenalena, Sugar Beach, Keawakapu (Mana Kai AM’s), Maluaka. Kamaole III walking trail/overlook.

The beaches near the resorts & hotels like Wailea, Polo, Ulua & Mokapu tend to be crowded, so I don’t recommend them.

West Maui Wedding Locations – Lahaina, Kapalua

Here are some photos from weddings in West Maui with the location and general time of day in the captions. AM means before noon and PM means after 4pm.

There aren’t a ton of choices for the West Side due to permitting laws for weddings. Baby Beach, Ironwoods (Oneloa), and D.T. Fleming are the three main locations. Kapalua Bay is lovely but crowded unless it’s off-season.

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