Wedding Videos That Spark Joy

There are ten million reasons to say ‘yes’ to capturing your beautiful Maui beach wedding on film and I’ve never heard a couple complain that they went for it.  If you have the budget, it’s an easy yes.

For those that are eloping, you can share it with friends and family when you get back home.  I’ve heard back from couples who eloped on Maui and then had a super fun, casual gathering with friends and family back home with their wedding video as the centerpiece of the event.  It’s like the best of both worlds with an intimate low-stress wedding and then a big party to celebrate later.

Maui has many talented videographers who can capture your wedding story for you and I have been lucky enough to work with many of them. Many also offer still photography with their service.

Some of my Weddings Captured on Film:

Priya & Abhi – by Gaucho Visual

Rachel & Kyle – by Moorea Thill (Now located in Austin, TX)
Check out her Vimeo channel for more beautiful wedding films.

Katelyn & Drew by Illuminated Visuals

(video no longer available but check out Davin’s portfolio on his site.)

Katie & Blake by Koryn Rice

Greg & Gina by All Time Media

(header image of Katelyn & Drew by Custom by Nicole)

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