Did someone say wedding cake?

Who doesn’t love wedding cake?  A wedding without a cake is well – don’t force me to imagine it.  If you are planning your wedding on Maui have no fear about finding a beautiful, special and delicious wedding cake!  We Mauians are fond of cake, wedding or otherwise and some amazing bakeries specializing in wedding cakes are here on the Valley Isle.   There are many to choose from but why spend a bunch of time researching when you can go to the A-Number 1 best place on the island and my favorite wedding cake vendor: Maui Wedding Cakes.

This family owned and operated bakery creates some of the most beautiful and delicious cakes I have ever had.  (And I have the cellulite to prove that I am a fan of cake! 🙂  )

Casey, Cheryl and family have provided cakes for many parties and weddings I’ve attended and they are always amazing.  Below are some photos of their creations that taste as good as they look.  Trust me, try the lilikoi (passionfruit) filling.

Their commercial bakery is located in North Kihei and I want to mention that their prices are stunningly reasonable and they are up for being wildly creative too.

Maui Wedding Cakes
Phone number (808) 874-5932

Follow them on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/mauiweddingcakes/

1 thought on “Did someone say wedding cake?

  1. Mmm, Maui Wedding Cakes definitely brings back some memories… so good.


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