Rev Julienne Looks

Since I will be in some of the wedding photos I’m happy to dress in a way that will compliment the style of your wedding.  Here are some of my looks.  I usually wear two leis, one of brown and white kukui to represent the masculine and one of small white flowers to represent the feminine.  I like wearing a green head garland (made of silk fern or ti leaf) but if you’d prefer a more western-traditional look without it that’s fine too.


Here are a few of the looks that are a hybrid modern and Hawaiian.  I can also wear a Polynesian print top of cream and black  with black capri pants (not pictured).




I can wear a modern take on a kihei which is a sort of cloak (like a toga) tied at the shoulder over a plain black dress.  The effect is very similar to that of a polynesian dress in most photos.  Each kihei print has been selected for the meaning of the symbols on it which are auspicious for a wedding or other sacred ocassion.


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