Rev Julienne Looks

Since I will be in some of the wedding photos I’m happy to dress in a way that will compliment the style of your wedding.  Here are three general categories to work with: Neutral non-tropical, Modern tropical and Modern ceremonial.

Neutral Non Tropical

Neutral, black, white and/or gray clothing.

Modern Tropical

We call it aloha wear which is usually tropical print fabric and with or without head garland (called a lei po’o).

Modern Ceremonial

I can wear more traditional ceremonial garb such as a kīhei which is a cloak tied at the shoulder over a plain clothing.   Each kīhei print has been selected for the symbols because they are auspicious for a wedding or other sacred occasion. This is most common amongst Kahu (ceremonial celebrants – priest/ess). I have a deep respect for my host culture of Hawaii and so wear ceremonial gear with the blessing of my kumus (teachers) and to honor the traditions of Hawaii.

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