Kihei alternative ceremony locations

Boat Ramp Cove aka Pule Cove (South Kihei)

2988 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753
So this location is not exactly secret, it’s just not well known to visitors.  The beach is rocky and not swimmable for beachgoers but there can be people fishing from one side or another.  Weekends you might find local families there to fish and bbq and there is a hiking trail so people do walk by but don’t generally linger.  It feels pretty private to me and sea turtles like to come and rest on the beach.

So far as I know it doesn’t have a name but it’s just south of the Kihei Boat Ramp/Landing.  You actually pull into the boat ramp parking lot and then walk to the left by the water.  The little cove is just on the other side of the boat ramp jetty (to the left / south).  Here are some photos.  Note that the photos use a wide angle lens so it’s smaller in real life.

Kamaole III overlook, Kihei

Located along the walking trail just south of the grassy area of Kamaole III Beach Park (aka Kam III) there are 3 overlook spots that are lovely for weddings at any time of day.  These areas have a lovely view of the ocean and tend to be low on foot traffic.  Several of the overlooks have benches and all have unobstructed views of the ocean and sunset.  Not much chance of a Frisbee flying over or even swimmers in the background. Parking, beach showers, bathrooms are available but the location is best for people who are comfortable with a 5-7 min walk on a dirt trail.

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