Rev Julienne

My first wedding on Maui. They had matching aloha wear.
Steering our canoe for a blessing ceremony.
With a monkey puppet for a Mana’o Radio event.
Pueo wondering why there is no poke in the grocery bag for her.
Blowing the (conch shell)

Way more than you probably wanted to know about Rev Julienne

  • Years as a Minister/Officiant: 25 (I started young 😉)
  • Certified Archetypal Counselor (Jungian depth psychology & spirituality)
  • Raised Catholic, Jewish Dad and a lifetime of spiritual exploration.
  • I’m out in a 6 person outrigger canoe 3-4 mornings a week.
  • I have been taught many Hawaiian oli (chants), mele (songs) and traditions by my kumu (teachers) and adopted family here in Hawaii.
  • Music DJ for local community radio 91.7fm KMNO
  • Ordinations from: The Church of the Subgenius, The Church of Universal Light, The Church of Spiritual Humanism and The Church of the Latter Day Dude
  • Number of weddings performed: I lost track a long time ago – but MANY.
  • I play ukulele VERY poorly (don’t even ask).
  • I use more dish soap than is strictly necessary.
  • My family’s connection to Hawaii goes back generations.
  • Toastmasters member
  • Emcee and Host for various events over the years.
  • I share a birthday with Jim Henson so I have a rainbow 🌈 connection with Muppets.
  • I make free-range rosaries and prayer beads in “spare” time.
  • I love cooking for friends and family.
  • I’m a Sci-Fi nerd (Star Wars, BSG, The Expanse, Dr. Who, Star Trek etc.) Also Game of Thrones, The Crown, BBC thrillers.
  • I have an 8lb ninja cat named Pueo (Hawaiian for owl).
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