Do you need a simple, elegant ceremony for your beach nuptials?  Eloping in a hurry?  I’ve got a 3 minute ceremony that will do the trick.

My goal is to help you create the perfect ceremony for your wedding.  I’ve collected quotes, readings and rituals from many different traditions over the years and I rather enjoy working with couples to create a ceremony that reflects their sensibilities.

There are many beautiful traditions of Hawaii so I can help guide you to some that you can respectfully integrate into your ceremony.  I’ve performed ceremonies everywhere from the Redwoods to the Courthouse and even in costume so if you have an outlandish idea, I’ll probably be down for it. (Planning a pirate wedding?)

Maui is truly a gorgeous place to host your wedding.  I can help point you in the right direction for places and vendors that will be just right for you.

Wedding ideas, tips and more on my blog.


Rev. Julienne

E Lei aku ‘oe ku’u aloha    
I ko’oula nou i kahi mehemeha  

Wear my love as a lei
And as your companion in lonely places

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