Maui Wedding Photographer: Joshua Martinez

Joshua & Rev Jules

I first met Joshua when we worked on Jeff & Melissa’s wedding last year.  From my first call with him to working with him during the wedding, I was impressed by his professionalism and aloha spirit.   Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him many times and he has even taken some beautiful photos for me.  Couples frequently ask me for recommendations for photographers so I keep a close eye out for those that I think have the skills and the right vibe to work with my couples.   Wedding photography is not easy – there is a lot of pressure to capture all of the right moments and not be intrusive.  On top of that, you have to be creative, kind and professional.  A million years ago I was a photographer and did a handful of weddings so I can definetly appreciate everything that goes into the work.   I’m pleased to share this interview with him and some of his beautiful photographs.

Meet Joshua Martinez, Maui Wedding Photographer

I was born to the hands of a hard working family in Puerto Rico. At an early age I found passion for showing how I saw the world through photography. Since then, I’ve carried a camera with me – everywhere. In 2017 I made the leap and moved to Maui after the devastating hurricane that hit us the same year. Now I enjoy a life on Maui full of adventure, happiness and love – celebrating the wonders of the world with my beautiful wife.



Instagram: @Joshuamartinezphoto

Q&A with Joshua

Beach or Mountains?

Beach on Sunny days and Mountains on rainy days 🙂

Beatles or Stones?

We are living in a yellow submarine…

Emojis or no emojis?
🔥🙌💁 24/7 !

If you could sit and have a long conversation with a famous person (living or dead) who would it be? And what would you be drinking?

I would be having a very long conversation with Joseph Nicephore Niepce ( inventor of the camera ) on how he felt after fighting for the French Science Association to recognize Photography as an art form. We would probably be having coffee and some french pastries.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

My very first wedding was 6 years ago, when I was only 17, previous to that I started assisting other photographers in weddings when I was 16.

What is your approach to capture great wedding photos?

I let the story unfold itself around me, I have to be very precise to not let anything slip. Weddings are filled with micro-stories, emotion and love that if left unnoticed they would be just a memory. Scenery, colors and emotions are elements always present in my most favorited wedding photos. Lastly, Natural light always – I will only use flash to problem solve.

Do you have a favorite wedding location on Maui?

The Chapel at Grand Wailea ❤️

What is your price range?

My weddings start at $1,260 for photography coverage, we also offer filmmaking (drone videography included), printmaking and graphic design. Case by case, we are able to custom design a coverage plan to meet your needs.

If you were going to do something else besides being an awesome photographer, what would it be?  
I would love to own a coffee shop one day. My wife and I met over coffee, I want to give this experience to other people. Also, share the knowledge and passion I have for coffee craftsmanship.

Share some of your favorite wedding photos and tell us a little bit about them:

Nature, sand, beach and a beautiful couple. These are elements I always love in my compositions, hard to complain here on Maui right? I’m so privileged to be a growing photographer in such a world destination. This was my very last wedding before Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, if I’m not mistaken we had to move their wedding one day earlier so it wouldn’t be struck by Maria. Unfortunately my wedding was set for 3 days after the hurricane hit and we had to cancel everything.
My first catamaran wedding! How cool is it to be present on such an amazing event while being on a boat surrounded by whales? One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had the privilege to experience and capture. Laura & John were so amazing, I took them to Nakalele Blowhole the day after to enjoy a fun morning and to capture the classic kissing shot with the Heart shaped rock behind.
I love when soon-to-be weds want to explore new grounds and challenge me. Their ceremony was done in a location I had never gone to but with their beautiful energy and happiness + the beautiful beach we were in it all joined to perfect harmony.
Melissa & Jeff, what a true love story. High-school sweethearts, took them three years to plan everything because most of the jewelry, items and clothing was made by them and friends! I love this image because the feeling of accomplishment and victory in Melissa’s smile is priceless, all the joy and happiness and love to come. Another great experience I will not forget.
This couple asked to not show their photos – so I am only sharing these of their beautiful rings for the purpose of this blog. On their wedding day there was a big accident on the main highway which connects the West Side of Maui (where they were staying) to the South Side of Maui (where their intimate ceremony was at). Not only did they arrive almost 2 hours later but all lighting was gone… their Ceremony was at Sunset. Rev. Julienne and I wanted to make their event special and possible so we strived to continue with their ceremony under the stars. They were so happy, even with these circumstances they were grateful and happy they got to experience their marriage under the stars. The day after we took some more photos with proper lighting and their love for each-other shined through every image.

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