Love Songs & Love

I would imagine that it would be nigh on impossible to do what I do (marry people!) and not love L-O-V-E.   Love is a force more formidable than any other. It can’t be seen or measured, yet it’s powerful enough to transform you in a moment; offer you more JOY than anything else. Yes, even chocolate (but hey chocolate is pretty awesome too). Love is what we are celebrating at a wedding.

Describing and expressing a couple’s unique take on love is part of what I do when creating a wedding ceremony so thinking about love is not just a pastime, my job in so many ways, is about LOVE.  (Yeah, it’s pretty rad.)

One of my favorite mediums for expressing the kaleidoscope of love is music. Music itself is one of my great loves. I have been involved in music in one form or another for most of my life.  From making music (such as it was) in bands to working in record stores (remember those?) and on several occasions, being a radio DJ.  For the past year and some I have been a volunteer DJ for community supported Mana’o Radio (KMNO 91.7fm Maui) where I get to play lots and lots of music that I love. The whole enterprise of Mana’o Radio is all about the love of music which is why I recommend checking them out when you are on Maui and checking in on the live stream that you can access 24/7 via the internets.  You will find a ginormous range of music being played by people who like me, just love songs, music and all that this art form can bring to our human experience.

I’m thrilled to announce that for the next couple of months I will have my own little corner of the airwaves every week!

So from this Thursday 10/4/18 until the end of the year (and maybe more) I will be playing the musics from 10am to 12 noon Hawaii time!

I listen to all kinds of music but it’s fair to say that I am solidly a Gen X kid with a taste for the wry, the danceable and the RAWK n Roll.  A rad melody will always hook me and a loopy bass line will always captivate me.  So from some early ’80’s punk to current EDM you will hear the gamut when I’m at the board.  And nearly almost always, one song from my hero Tom Waits.   In fact the name of my show, The Discount Miracle Show was inspired by what I imagined Tom might name my show. (Tom if you read this – call me! 🤣)

Not on Maui?  Listen from any device with an internet connection and a speaker! This link will launch the live stream player. Here are the times in other zones:

Pacific Time: 1pm-3pm

Mountain Time: 2pm -4pm

Central Time: 3pm-5pm

Eastern Time: 4pm-6pm

Got a request?  Let me know.


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